Choosing the ideal 4 cycle string trimmer

String Trimmers are tools used for everything from lawn edging where mowers should not go to removing grass and grass growth in areas. The key is in picking the trimmer. As their name suggests, String trimmers do. They are machines using spinning plastic ‘string’ to perform complete cutting or trimming. Most versions are limited to what fits the machine though there is various string texture and thickness. Choose thick, if a trimmer provides a choice in types of string. Called weed eaters, there are two power sources for these lawn tools: electric and gas. Each type has disadvantages and advantages.

4 cycle string trimmer


The relatively low-priced and portable 4 cycle string trimmer is among the most popular among homeowners. Less costly than their counterpart trimmers can be purchased as corded or cordless models. The versions are the least expensive. The models are acceptable for use and city lots. They are not strong enough to cut brush although models with more than 3 layers are powerful for yards that are bigger. The fact they are corded suggests that there has to be available a very long extension cord and likely outlets. Lightweight and portable models will do a fantastic job with grass and grass cutting occupations. Battery packs are affordable and convenient, although the battery does have a life.

Gas Engine

These come in 2-cycle and 4-cycle engine versions. Gas engine trimmers have loads of power to make short work of a yard. Models that feature choke and throttle controls are preferable since they are easier to start. The 2-cycle motor trimmers are a fantastic selection for people who desire power while staying within a budget. Some 2-cycle motor trimmers also accept metal blades and other attachments, making them very versatile for the purchase price. The disadvantage is that a mix is required by engines. This is a convenience rather than a quality problem.

4-cycle engine weed eaters are real powerhouses, and they look it. They are generally the biggest and with the greatest hit. Gas is used by them, is easier to Start, run smoother and is quieter. The 4-cycle Motor trimmers are other attachments. The drawback for the consumer is cost. 4-cycle Engine string trimmers are more expensive than others, but will do more.